CentralTime Group

Social Responsibility

In Central Time we are deeply involved with the communities in which we are present. We endeavor to have a positive impact on them, through the products we provide and the employment we generate.

We believe that a good conduct is a key element to the strengthening and consolidation of our company.

As well as a contribution to the valorization of the company and a positive impact in its sustainability, social responsibility is an important factor to elevate confidence rates among our clients and partners.

This is why our company is guided by a conduct that promotes:

– a policy of integrity, transparency and equal treatment of each individual;

– a policy of ethical and responsible commerce;

– a policy of rigor and respect for the law or any legislation applicable.


In Central Time we base our activity on the principles of respect and the decent treatment of each person, both during the recruitment and selection processes and regarding their professional development, forbidding any type of direct or indirect discrimination and fostering a culture of fairness and merit.

The Code of Conduct is made known to all employees, reflecting the principles and ethical values that guide Central Time’s stance and decisions when doing business and in all our relations.