CentralTime Group


One of the pivotal aspects of Central Time’s strategy is to be an attractive employer in each of the business sectors we develop. To achieve such goal in Central Time we continuously promote the personal and professional development of our employees, as well as their health, well-being and competence.

We promote a culture of professional enhancement, ambitious goals, innovation and pioneering spirit.

And we offer challenging professional journey, where each individual has the opportunity to make a difference in the business we develop and in the communities where we establish our relationships.
A potential employee can expect from us a relation based on a permanent compromise between excellence, professional challenge and mutual respect.
In Central Time our selection and recruitment process can be one of the following:

  • Job Offer: the announcement of job positions that may be vacant in the different areas and business sectors of our Group;
  • Internship Programs: curricular and professional internships that promote the exchange of knowledge and experience between the interns and the employees of our company;
  • Spontaneous Applications: we analyze all spontaneous applications that are sent to us and they are all taken into consideration when a job position gets vacant in any of the areas or business sectors of our companies.

If you consider you fit the profile we look for in an employee and if you share the values and principles we promote in our company, if you are passionate about any of the business sectors we develop and are responsible person with a creative and dedicated spirit, send us your CV and a Motivation Letter to rh@centraltime.pt